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The Biggest Dilemma Women Face With Male Mentors + A Solution!
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  2. The Desperate Need for the Mandate of Masculine Mentoring
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Therefore mentors are required to practice what they teach.

Quotes to Save a Marriage

Integrity of life and doctrine is key. Character will always trump competency. This is why presence is so important. The more time you spend with a mentee the more he will be exposed to your character at home, at church on pastoral visits, and in evangelism.

The Desperate Need for the Mandate of Masculine Mentoring

He will see teaching that transforms. I want men to imitate me in the way I lead and love my wife, children, and church. I want to impress godly masculinity upon another man. However, I want men to imitate me inasmuch as I imitate Christ by faith. So a mentor must always be ready to admit his sin and deficiency and turn his apprentice to Christ.

A mentor must show he is growing too. Wisdom is the ability to apply biblical truth skillfully at the right time, in the right way, and in the fear of the Lord Prov. Like fathering a son, mentoring men requires wisdom, patience, and time. There is some impetuousness in youth. Their thinking is not well developed. Pride runs high. There are times to press hard and times to let them learn by their mistakes, always ready to pick them up when they fall.

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Knowing when to comfort and when to correct is a matter of discernment. Judging the maturity of a man is key in knowing what to expect of him. The promise of sanctification is that people will grow in godliness over time. Mentoring allows you to walk that road with them, correcting where necessary and extending grace as well. Men should act in a masculine, not effeminate way. And self-pity is the blight of manhood because it leads to passivity.

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Abuse gets the headlines, but passivity is the silent killer of manhood. Biblical manhood is not about being macho, but mature. A biblical man is humble, gentle and strong, and one who exercises authority for the good of others, no matter what it costs him in time, money, or reputation. At the heart of masculinity is Christ-like leadership. Men who feel entitled will not be mature men who step toward danger in love to protect and provide for women and children.

They will not be considerate of others because they are too concerned about self. I will sometimes test a young man by not giving him what he expects or wants. Usually his response shows whether he has a sense of entitlement or gratitude.

Maturity is also about being sober-minded not somber-minded: not miserable, but a man of serious joy. Men need to be watchmen who can assess things with biblical clarity and wisdom. Their minds must be stable so they can see reality. They know that Satan is a powerful enemy, but their own sin is the killer.

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They are men of faith in Christ, his Word as their weapon and prayer as their power. I look to develop men who are sensitive to sin, submit to authority, take responsibility, have an instinct to protect women, and want to sacrifice for the good of others. The ultimate aim of masculine mentoring is to produce divines, not dudes. Divines love God above all and they love people, not themselves.

They know his Word and wield it skillfully.

1. Have realistic expectations.

They help keep you on track. Just being in their presence will remind you how wonderful life can be when you have a loving partner by our side. They will not allow you to sweat the small stuff. Try complaining about your spouse to a long-standing couple who are genuinely happy. They will put a mirror in your face so fast.

Speaking of which….

They will put a mirror in your face. Rarely, is a spouse always at fault. It takes two to tango, baby. They provide a positive perspective in a world headed in the opposite direction. Marriage mentors help you see your relationship through the prism of time and love. They are living proof that real love can and should last a lifetime. This constant reminder will help you ward off any negative thoughts and encourage you to keep fighting for the relationship you most desire.

5 Reasons You Should Have a Marriage Mentor | Happy Wives Club

It will help you to design your happily ever after. Join the club! I had the great honor of traveling to 12 countries on 6 continents, interviewing couples happily married 25 years or more, with 1 mission only: to find out what makes marriages happy…and keeps them that way.