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Templates are stored into your "Templates" folder Factory is like the real world car, Sim has few different finals and less lasting tires for online purposes. I strongly suggest to use tracks like Mores, Adria and similar karting style tracks for feeling how the real car behaves, in fact the car hasn't differential, nor traditional left and right rear suspensions and axles, so, in few words, the car turns more or less increasing or decreasing the front ARB; there is also only one central spring in front and the steering wheel is VERY VERY LIGHT!

The typical behaviour of the real car is that the perfect path in "fast" corners fast for that car, lol means to feel the car "floating" on the surface. To achieve this perfect behaviour you need to push the throttle in the right moment and right rpm, to avoid the under steer and, on the contrary, controlling the over steer to have the "floating" effect. It needs few time to well understand how doing it. Another "feature" is that you must drive the car in a dirty way entering the corners, to be faster All these are peculiarities of the Predator's PC, no faults.

If you want to use the mod in "normal" tracks, you could find useful to add 1 or 2 degrees to the wings and increase stiffness of front ARB, otherwise you will have only mechanical grip. Be careful vs. AIs: they are very aggressive but perfectly tuned for short tracks FHarbor 14 Dec, am. So much fun! Hope to see "short" Italian tracks! I'm working on these 3 tracks, maybe at the end we can test with this car!

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Maybe I wrote to the wrong people Great job! Driving has never been so fun. A friend of mine updated Varano to rF2 just for testing and comparing the Predator's, but it is not public and in any case not fully updated, because I needed only the asphalt. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

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This track is available for licensing but we require your production details first before we can confirm your license. Please complete the details below and we will be in touch to discuss your license. The Predators Suspense filled action adventure orchestral track. Submix - The Predators 30 sec. Submix - The Predators Submix. Similar Tracks. Mission Suicide 2 mixes. Submix - Mission Suicide - 29 sec. Keywords: 20th Century Fox , Dramatic , Matrix. Adrenaline EM. Wedding March - F Mendelssohn.

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Download Predators APK (MOD many paints) for android

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