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Big Data Trends to Look Out for in Learn what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the field of big data in the coming months. Check out this post to learn more about creating globally consistent data access with Spanner. Click here to learn more about the GCP. Building Microservices with Micronaut Learn what Micronaut is and how it helps implement secure and reliable communication between microservices. Business can't win without developers, but you need more A surprising survey shows that lack of software development capabilities is the top inhibitor to business success.

Icahn claimed that the Red Hat Inc. China's ByteDance leapfrogs Uber to becomes world's most valuable startup Move aside Uber, China's ByteDance is now the world's highest-valued tech startup. Colleges and universities team up with Microsoft to address the technical skills gap by building global talent pipelines for AI, data science, computer science and cybersecurity On Thursday, Microsoft Corp. The skills programs will help students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow with in-demand technologies in fields like artificial intelligence, computer science, cybersecurity and data science.

Continuous Releasing of Maven Artifacts Want to get your Maven projects better integrated with your continuous deployment and CI pipelines? Here's how to set up continuous releasing for Maven. Check out this tutorial to learn more about creating a sensor data graph. Data lakes improve business decision making The data lake has long been a powerful tool for data scientists and engineers. But today's business environment often requires users without coding or scripting skills to access the data stored in lakes.

Explore what's new and key use cases. Data Science Production Methods In this article, we take a look at some of the things that developers and data scientists should keep in mind while designing a data science project. Datadog launches Watchdog to help you monitor your cloud apps Your typical cloud monitoring service integrates with dozens of service and provides you a pretty dashboard and some automation to help you keep tabs on how your applications are doing.

Datadog has long done that but today, it is adding a new service called Watchdog, which uses machine learning to automatically detect anomalies for you. Design Considerations for a Microservice Architecture with Docker Swarm When building a microservice that uses Docker Swarm, make sure you keep these architectural concerns in mind. Also explore tagging and pushing. Different Options Available for Monitoring Azure Serverless Components For monitoring and alerting for your Azure services, take a look at this list of Azure-native and third-party data collection applications.

September 13, Read More. Drilling Into Big Data: Data Interpretation We look into some of the data technologies out there that help data engineers and analysts better interpret their findings. June 4, Read More. Dynamically Update Your Microservice Configuration Learn how to easily and dynamically change your microservice app's configuration with MicroProfile Config. Enterprises still face roadblocks to using analytics Business and IT decision makers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the complexity, bottlenecks and uncertainty of today's enterprise analytics, according to a survey of senior leaders at enterprise-sized organizations from around the world.

Evernote lost its CTO, CFO, CPO and HR head in the last month as it eyes another fundraise Evernote, the productivity app with million users that lets people take notes and organise other files from their working and non-work life, has been on a mission to reset its image as the go-to service for those seeking tools to help themselves be more efficient, years after losing its place as one of the most popular apps in the app store September 4, Read More.

Exploring Deep Learning Models for Compression and Acceleration Let's take a look at exploring Deep Learning models for compression and acceleration as well as explore low bit Neural Networks. September 17, Read More. Read this article to find out. Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human An algorithm-based system that identifies telltale linguistic cues in fake news stories could provide news aggregator and social media sites like Google News with a new weapon in the fight against misinformation.

Check out this post to learn more about the promising future of blockchain. FreeOffice review: Microsoft Office alternative gets some welcome upgrades With a revised interface, touchscreen support, and additional app features, FreeOffice is a truly viable Office replacement. Go Microservices, Part Monitoring with Prometheus Learn how to monitor your microservices applications with Prometheus and graphing the data with Grafana.

HackerRank report shows Gen-Z women are ready for the tech workplace HackerRank today published its Women In Tech Report, which looks at developer trends across a sample of 12, female developers. The report paints an encouraging picture.

The limits and challenges of deep learning

It highlights that women developers belonging to the so-called Generation Z group possess the skills employers desperately require. Here are the 9 biggest announcements from the Microsoft Ignite tech conference Microsoft is announcing a slew of new features and products across a variety of business areas at the Ignite conference for IT pros and developers in Orlando this week. Holberton opens its software engineering school in Medellin Holberton School, which sees itself as a college alternative for budding software engineers, today announced that it has opened a campus in Medellin, Colombia.

With this, it now operates two schools in the country after opening its Bogota campus earlier this year. Hortonworks plans to revamp Hadoop and its big data tools with cloud best practices in mind One big disadvantage that comes with a hybrid cloud strategy is forcing your developers to learn and understand the different techniques required by cloud providers and on-premises software vendors for lots of applications. Here's Luigi Scarminio's team's journey to becoming an Agile team, with a few tips for those beginning the trek. We take a look at how public institutions are using big data to meet their challenges.

How Good Is Machine Translation? One of the lesser known features of Google Docs is its ability to provide a decent translation of any text you enter into it. Explore more about Machine Translation. How Microsoft's cross-platform efforts are maturing into a great Microsoft experience Microsoft's unrelenting effort to populate iOS and Android with its apps is beginning to look less like a desperate migration and more like precision integration.

How to Install and Use Chatra A developer takes a look at a platform that can be used to give your application chat functionalities, using either plugins or some API calls. How to Optimize Amazon S3 Performance Learn mechanisms and techniques you can apply to optimize the performance of your Amazon S3 object storage. Individuals and interactions, more than ever More than ever, with technological progress, we need to reinforce the very first axiom of the Agile Manifesto. InVision deepens integrations with Atlassian InVision today announced a newly expanded integration and strategic partnership with Atlassian that will let users of Confluence, Trello and Jira see and share InVision prototypes from within those programs.

Is My Service Healthy? Learn what it really means for a service to be healthy and how to evaluate this to ensure good performance in your applications. Is your product's AI annoying people? Artificial intelligence is allowing us all to consider surprising new ways to simplify the lives of our customers. As a product developer, your central focus is always on the customer.

But new problems can arise when the specific solution under development helps one customer while alienating others. Is Your Stream Processor Obese? We discuss the factors that typically lead to larger deployments, effective lower-footprint alternatives, and decision criteria on how to choose the right approach. Also explore why this is important. September 14, Read More.

It was a six-month market research project of sorts, designed to learn more about how companies hire software engineers. Microservice Approach for Web Development: Micro Frontends You've heard of microservices, but what's a micro frontend? You'll learn this and how to get started with a micro frontend for web developers in this post.

Microsoft 4th Quarter Earnings: Cloud and Office Power Strong Growth Microsoft released its 4th quarter fiscal results yesterday and it posted a solid beat on both revenue and earnings per share. Microsoft and Shell team up to build AI into gas stations Shell is experimenting with cameras that can tell if you're smoking at a gas station.

Microsoft Azure customers will be able to make digital replicas of physical spaces with Digital Twins Microsoft's emphasis on the industrial internet of things this year has produced a new service that will let customers create digital models of physical spaces, which the company thinks will allow customers to design and manage those spaces in new ways.

Microsoft Bounty Program offers larger rewards for bug hunters Bug bounty programs are a popular way for tech companies to track down problems with their products without having to spend large sums of money on dedicated research teams. Microsoft is one of the big names with such a program, and it has just announced that it is increasing the payouts it makes. Microsoft Cloud drives record fourth quarter results Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Driver Module Framework Aims to Ease Windows Driver Development Windows driver developers should now have an easier way to create simple and structured drivers, as well as to share code amongst drivers, using the new Microsoft Driver Module Framework DMF , which has been recently open sourced.

Microsoft execs defend bid for US military contract The company says despite ethical issues, working in the field gives Microsoft influence over how new technologies are used. Microsoft joins LOT Network to fight back against patent trolls Microsoft will join the ranks of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others in the fight against patent trolls. Microsoft pushes ahead with conversation transcription, virtual microphone arrays Microsoft Research's 'Project Denmark' technology allows users to use the microphones in phones and laptops to create a virtual array that can handle conversation transcription and more.

May 10, Read More. Microsoft seems very proud of its smart contract auditing tools for blockchain Microsoft is all-in on the blockchain June 4, Read More. Microsoft Shines at NSDI '18 Microsoft Research and Microsoft Azure are committed to developing technologies that make our data centers the most reliable and high-performance data centers on the planet.

We also are committed to extending the state of the art in cloud computing by sharing our ideas openly and freely. All 32 Steven Spielberg movies ranked from worst to best The Independent All 32 Steven Spielberg movies ranked from worst to best Spanning more than 40 years, Steven Spielberg's work boasts an extremely diverse array of stories, characters, and themes.

He's made whimsical fantasies aimed squarely at children "E. For his latest, "Ready Player One," the Oscar winner returns to his popcorn blockbuster roots and proves that he's still the king of the genre. Here are all 32 of Spielberg's feature-length movies ranked from worst to best, according to Business Insider.

Here's why. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are concerned about the negative impact artificial intelligence has on society. At the other end of the spectrum, Mark Zuckerberg thinks all will be fine and great health benefits will come from AI. Both perspectives are valid. Nearly every advance, from cavemen learning to harness fire for warmth or Henry Ford giving us automobiles for ease of travel, includes the good, bad, helpful, and harmful.

The limits and challenges of deep learning – TechTalks

I doubt that Ford could have envisioned gridlock, pollution, and road rage. With June 1 hitting this weekend, we're getting a slew of exciting new titles heading to Netflix. You won't want to miss a single moment of the action so, to help you out, we've provided this handy breakdown of 5 great Netflix movies you might want to check out this weekend. Hilarious comedian Ali Wong sta Acclaimed as one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era and producer or director Forbes Mar 3. She was Carl died in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday at Anaheim Regional Hospital according to her son, Adam Carl, who followed his mother into the industry as an actor and producer.

Deadline Mar 7. He met up with Nicole Pursell, a college friend and actress, who is also in a billiards league. He missed. He had met up with his college friend Nicole Pursell, an actress, at one of their undergrad haunts: Fat Cat, a scruffy, subterranean jazz bar and billiards hall in Greenwich Village that smells like spilled beer. The New York Times Jan Artificial Intelligence, Kaye is aiming to cast a real robot, who will be trained in different acting methods and techniques. The idea, which originated from Kaye and producer Sam Khoze, is to forgo the use of computer-g Deadline Aug 15, The "lost" screenplay is owned by the son of a former Kubrick collaborator and is more than pages long.

It's safe to say Stanley Kubrick was very selective in what he chose to work on. Over the course of his career, from to , he directed 13 feature films. He also stretched boundaries and broke ground, sometimes controversially, through a filmography that includes Spartacus, Lolita, Dr. Kubrick died in March of , at age In his research for a book about Kubrick an FlickSided Jul 16, Google announced earlier this month that it would not renew its contract for Project Maven, after 13 employees resigned and more than 4, employees signed a petition objecting to their work being used for warfare.

Watch these 5 works of science fiction next If you can't get enough of the sci-fi world of androids and humans in Detroit: Become Human, you should definitely check out these other sci-fi works next. If you haven't played through Detroit: Become Human, know that there are some spoilers ahead in the descriptions. Have you finished Detroit: Become Human and can't get enough of the sci-fi world of Detroit? Of course, you could go back and play as Kara, Markus, and Connor and make different choices.

Or even if you did all of that , you can explore the bigger world of science fiction out there that also tackles the tough relationshi They might as well, because has little to say about them other than: slavery and discrimination are bad. As I imagine it, the vaguely sinister, sporadically helpful digital assistant that currently resides on my desk would quickly synthesize a bunch of pop sci-fi touchstones—a dash of Battlestar Galactica, a pinch of Westworld, a touch of A.

Her script would have all the hits: Th Yet much of the technologies have been for consumer applications. But what about the enterprise? Koyama, Francisco Edeneziano D. Pereira, Khalil Drira. Using Agents in the Exchange of Product Data. Paulo F. Rosa, Sandro S. Lima, Wagner T. Botelho, Alexandre F.

Nascimento, Max Silva Alaluna. Deductive Diagnosis of Digital Circuits. Alferes, F. Azevedo, P. Barahona, C. Knowledge Base Structure. Efficient Attribute Reduction Algorithm. Using Relative Logic for Pattern Recognition. Frigo, Eliane Pozzebon, Adriana Postal. Microfilaments of lightning, convincingly random, flickering in that distant purple rain.

Is the music this far along too? But having the basic visual will help. It was a beautiful gift, really. The set and the sex. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. The reason she knew there was a catch was because it was not possible for her husband to conceal something important from her, not while making love. But she could not let him know that, so she made up a logic-chain.

It's not my birthday. I don't keep score, but I don't think I've been unusually nice to you lately. You're not having an affair; you haven't had time. It was a wonderful present and I thank you for it, and"—she grinned and poked him in the ribs—"what is it going to cost me? The desert went away. So did everything, except the bed and themselves. All at once they were in space, surrounded by blackness and blazing stars, tumbling slowly end over end. High Orbit: the Earth swam into their field of view, huge and blue and frosted with clouds.

The illusion was so powerful that Rhea felt herself clutching at the bed to keep from drifting away from it, even though she knew better. All at once the rotating universe burst into song. Rand's fourth symphony, of course, as familiar to her as her name. He muted the sound with a gesture after a few bars, left the visual running. It was her heart plummeting; that was what made the illusion of free-fall seem so real. Sit down. I'm lying down, what the hell do you mean? While I was down at the shore a while ago. How is Jay? Cancel that, I don't give a damn how he is: what did he say?

She hates space, the customers hate her—even the company hates her new work.

But most important of all, she says she just can't adapt. She's a born perpendicular. So she's thrown in the towel. She knew there was a booby-trap in this somewhere, but couldn't find one big enough to justify all this buildup yet. Now there are only three of you competing—" "It goes beyond that," he said, looking uncomfortable.

He dithered with his invisible controls until their shared rotation in space slowed and stopped. The starry universe stabilized around them. She took a deep breath. Had she said, "You won? That night, at least. The creator and first holder of that position had held it with great distinction for fifty years—then a year ago, both he and his heir apparent had been killed in the same freak blowout while vacationing off Luna.

Replacing an artist of Willem Ngani's stature overnight had been a daunting task: the management of the hotel had narrowed the field to four candidates, and then found itself unable to reach a final decision. It had elected instead to postpone the question for a three-year trial period. The first year of that period was nearly over: each of the four candidates in turn had gone to space for a three-month residency at the Shimizu. Rand had drawn the third shift, and had only returned from his own highly successful season a month earlier; the fourth and final composer, Chandra Pribhara, was supposed to be just now entering the second month of her own first residency.

But Pribhara had turned out to be a "perpendicular"—one of those rare unfortunates who simply cannot adapt to space, who cannot make the mental readjustment that allows a human being to retain her sanity in a sustained zero-gravity environment. She had abruptly canceled her contract after only a single month in free-fall, accepting the huge penalties and creative disgrace, and returned to Earth early.

This left the Shimizu's management with a quick decision to make. A hotel must have entertainment. The show must go on. Someone had to replace Pribhara, fast. They might have simply advanced the rotation schedule, summoned Wolfgar Mazurski back to orbit two months earlier than he was expecting, and continued from there on a three-shift rotation while they pondered their final decision. Which left Rhea's husband. But Rand was only just back from orbit. Returning to space for another three-month shift this soon would raise his total free-fall time to six months in one calendar year: very likely enough time for his body to begin adapting—completely and permanently—to zero gravity.

It would take fourteen months for the transition to be finished. If they asked him to replace Pribhara now, the competition was over: they would have to give him the permanent position to forestall a costly lawsuit. The Shimizu management had little choice. And Rand's first season had been the most well-received of the four so far. So they had sent word, through his half brother, Jay.

The job was his if he wanted it—along with a scandalous salary, outrageous perks, immense cachet and luxury accommodations in-house for himself and his wife and daughter. For life—which was how long they would need them. Rhea hated the very thought of moving. And if she were going to move, space was the very last place she'd pick. The only one-way ticket there was. Fourteen months or more in space, and you had to stay there forever. You couldn't even hope to go back home again someday. Worse, Rand knew all this. Or at least, he should have known.

A decade ago, he had solemnly promised Rhea—as a condition of marriage—that he would never ask her to move away from her beloved P-Town, from her home and family and roots. When he had first mentioned the possibility of this job, she had been shocked and hurt. But she had not reminded him of his promise. That had been clear to her from the start. For one thing, his blood relationship with Jay would work against him—allowing disgruntled losers to cry nepotism. For another, he was the most talented of the four—traditionally a handicap.

To nail it down, he was by far the least political—traditionally the kiss of death. Ironically, it was that which had clinched the deal. Mazurski and Choy each had a powerful and influential clique of friends, skilled at vicious infighting: they canceled each other out. Rand was the only choice everybody could barely live with.

And so it was the very same aspect of her husband's character which had in fact won him the job that caused Rhea to say to him now so injudiciously, " Youwon? Sterile environment, pure air, pure water, perfect weather all day every day, no crime, no dirt, longer lifespan—and weightlessness! You don't know, honey, you haven't been there long enough to get a feeling for it; everything is so easy and convenient and restful in space.

Nothing is too heavy to lift, nobody's a weakling, your back never hurts. And the freedom! Freedom from the boredom Page 11 and tyranny of up and down, freedom to live in three dimensions for a change! To use all of a room instead of just the bottom half—to see things from different angles all the time—to let go of something and not be afraid gravity's going to smash it against the wall by your feet.

Put that all together, throw in a better class of neighbors and the best view God ever made, and it doesn't sound half bad to me. The same weather, every day? Living in a little sterile tin can surrounded by cold vacuum, breathing canned air and peeing into a vacuum cleaner. What about Colly?

Brain Fitness

Where's an eight-year-old going to find playmates in space? Think about never again going out for a walk, never getting rained on or snowed on or going to watch the sun rise—" "—the sun rises fourteen times a day at the Shimizu—" "—it's not the same and you know it—" "—no, it's not the same, it's better—" "—bullshit—" "—how the hell would you know?

You were up there for three whole days! I'm telling you, I've been there for three months and it's better—" "—maybe it is, but it'sdifferent, God dammit—" He flinched at her vehemence. After a few seconds of silence, he slapped at his control panel, and set the universe spinning around them again. Blink: they were in their quaint comfortable moonlit bedroom in their magnificent old home in picturesque P-Town. He looked round, at the familiar trappings of their marriage, of their shared life. When he spoke, his voice was softer.

You know I love it here too. But it's not all there is. Oh my beloved, how can you want to go where I cannot follow?

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He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and played his hole card. Back when you first asked me to marry you, you promised. She had him dead to rights. The argument was effectively over, now. She had won. He nodded, and rolled over on his right side, back to her. But his shoulder blades were eloquent. Page 12 She savored her triumph for as long as she could stand it, staring at the ceiling. Then, keeping her voice as neutral as possible, she said, "Anyway. Their eight-year-old would get a better education if he took the job; Rhea had known that when she asked the question. On his new salary, they could afford to enroll Colly in any school on or off Earth, with full bandwidth and as much individual attention as she wanted.

Hell, they could afford to have teachers physically brought up to her if they wanted, in corporation shuttles. And Rhea could have Unlimited Net Access herself too. And all these things, he added, would be merely perks—over and above a salary so immense that they could easily have afforded to pay for them. Full Medical would be another such perk. Rhea's literary reputation could only benefit from all the publicity that would accrue. Rand stressed all these points, without ever quite saying aloud a point that mattered to him almost as much as the honor or the creative challenge or the prestige or the money per se.

If he took this job, he would be earning more money than Rhea, and would be more famous than her. For the first time in their relationship. He couldn't mention that aloud. They had agreed back at the start that they would never mention it; that was how little it meant to them; therefore he couldn't bring it up now. I'd take the job, and you could come up for three months out of every six. Lots of people do that, when only one half of the team wants to be a spacer. The scabs were just beginning to turn into scar tissue. When they were exhausted enough, they agreed to sleep on it. Strains of melody were chasing each other in his head, but when he booted up his synth, he could not isolate any of the strands in his headphones.

Sounded aloud, they were an inseparable jangle of discord—like his feelings. Page 13 So he went to the kitchen, and found he was not hungry. He went to the bathroom and discovered he didn't have to pee. He put the headphones back on and learned that he didn't want to hear anything in his collection. He went up to Colly's room and found that she didn't need to be covered.

As he bent to kiss her, he startled himself by dropping a tear on the pillow next to her strawberry blonde hair. He went quickly back downstairs to the living room and wept, as silently as he could. When he was done, he dried his eyes and blew his nose. What did he need? That was easy. He needed someone to tell him he wasn't a selfish bastard. He had promised her. Worse, he had thought about it first.

He had not specifically envisioned this situation, no—but he had made his promise without reservations. No matter what, love— But this offer was beyond any dreams he'd had a decade ago. How could he have known? The carrot was irresistible. Or was it? What was so irresistible? The money would be great—but while they had been middle-class for their whole marriage, they had never been poor, never missed a meal. There were other jobs.

Indeed, this was about the only job he could possibly take that would require them to move from P-Town, that he couldn't basically phone in. It was certainly the only job that would have required permanent exile. What was so great about the damn job? Two things. It was the most prestigious job in his field, one of the most prestigious there was. And it would make him the principal breadwinner in his family, for the first time. Not very proud reasons to break a solemn promise to your wife.

No, dammit, there was more to it than that. The job was the richest creative opportunity he had ever had. His three-month stint just past had been the hardest work he'd ever done. Collaborating with his half-brother Jay had been exhilarating; although Jay was thirteen years older than Rand's thirty-five, their minds had meshed. I see: your wife will be a little sadder, but your chops will improve. It wasn't just that. Part of what had made his work better in the Shimizu had been the heart-stopping grandeur of space itself, the bliss of zero gee. Space was as magical as Provincetown, in a different way; maybe more so—surely Rhea would see and respond to that, just as he had.

You hope. Anyway, what was so great about P-Town? Okay, it was beautiful; sure, it was timeless; granted, it was magical. This chair he was rocking in, for instance: beautiful and timeless and magical. But it made noises like rifle fire, and leaned ever so slightly out of true, and wasn't especially comfortable without the pillows that always slipped out of adjustment. So what if it had belonged to Rhea's great-grandmother? So what if it had been the chair in which the infant Rhea had been breast-fed. The answer was all around him—hanging from every wall, perched on nearly every flat surface.

Pictures of eight generations of Paixaos, as far back as imaging technology allowed, ranging from faded black and white daguerrotypes of Cap'n Frank and Marion to paused holoblocks of Rhea, Colly and himself. Page 14 Hundreds of Paixaos and their kin, in dozens of settings. On the mantle, amid the more recent Paixaos, was a holo of Rand's parents, Agnes and Tom, taken just before their divorce. The background was Newark, New Jersey. There was no point to this: he already knew he wanted the job badly enough to take it; whether he should want it that badly or not seemed irrelevant.

Nonetheless he flogged himself, as his penance, endlessly replaying the argument until it became a loop that annihilated time. I want to be great. Is that so terrible? Just as he felt that his brain might explode, thirty-five kilos of eight-year-old reality landed on his lap like a tonne of bricks, shouting, "Boo! Daylight and his daughter had crept up on him. Did you get it? I got a look at it, but it got away.

I can't be a bastard, he thought. I'd never have fooled her. He hugged her even closer, making her squeal. Her faith in him had practical limits. That was why he could trust it. And she did cook a better breakfast than he could have—albeit somewhat more messily. Rhea came in while she was doing it, and stood in the doorway in her bathrobe watching and trying not to smile. Colly refused to let either of them help, or even coach. By the time they were all sitting down eating together, it seemed to have been decided that today was a happy day. Rhea's eyes were unguarded when they met his.

The Issue was still there between them, but it was on hold for the moment. After the meal, it was Rhea who said, "Colly, sit back down. You can be a little late for playgroup today. Your father and I need to talk about something with you. Sarah's gonna bring her cat in today, and she swears it has thumbs!

Oh, okay, go ahead. Rhea handed the ball to him. How long this time? I mean. Not ever. And stay there? In that cool hotel? Oh, wow! Besides, it's fun! When do we go? We could holo-play.

Deep learning is data hungry

And they could come visit me realies, sometimes. And I'd make lots of new friends. I'm good at that. But won't you miss. But if I do, you can just make it for me, Daddy. Anyway, you can't play six-wall here. I tried. Her only potential ally had defected. He wanted to put an arm around her, but was not sure whether that would make it worse. Page 16 Colly had gone from fidget to bounce mode.

How soon are we going, Mommy? I gotta go get dressed! Oooh, Kelly's gonna be so jealous—" "Hold your horses, young lady. Nothing's been decided yet. Your mother and I are still discussing the idea—" Colly wasn't listening. Her eyes had gone wide. You get to work with Uncle Jay now! They picked you! Oh, I knew they would! I told you they would! Can I go tell Kelly now? And Sigrid? And Bobby? Colly looked down at her rumpled pajamas, and giggled.

She was naked before she reached the top. Rand and Rhea looked at each other. Each waited for the other to speak, with voice or expression. I'm almost ready already! Right away, Your Highness! They had dropped Colly off at playgroup in the West End, and now were sitting in the car at the edge of the sea at Herring Cove, half watching a group of eight or ten Trancers in sleek thermal clothing dancing on the shore, spinning and jumping in the December breeze, falling and recovering but always springing back up at once.

They made Rand think, as always, of birds trying to batter their way through an invisible ceiling. Provincetown had been a magnet for Trancers since the strange fad had begun and spread around the planet with the speed of a catchphrase. P-Town had always been a Mecca for all kinds of odd behavior. There's no sensible reason why you can't phone it in, like any other job. They only have the best holo gear in human space. The most conspicuous consumption there is. Nothing canned, nothing piped-in—" "I know, I know—the celebrity artists are all on-site for the customers to press flesh with, and half the Page 17 robot-work is done by human beings, just to prove they can afford to waste money.

Snob logic. I can't explain why, but it isn't. I always go to the site if there is one, at least at first. You know all this. Isn't that enough? He tried to find the words to answer it. All he could come up with was, "Space is different. Now, tell me: can you remember what it was like? I can remember what I wrote about it. But no, you're right. I can't remember what it was like. Not really. I have a lingering feeling about it—" "If you had to write a poem about it, right now, could you?

Or a story set there? For longer than a few days. And either write it there, or right after I got back down. And that's why Jay bullied them into honoring the agreement when Ngani died. They had had this conversation over a year ago, when he had first become a candidate for the position. He saw her momentarily as a trapped animal, doubling back on its tracks in search of a way out overlooked earlier, and felt a pang of guilt.

She gestured at the ocean and half a world of clouds, at the crazy Trancers moving in harmony—then turned and gestured in the other direction, at P-Town. By the time she returned, he had cooled down and she looked chilly despite her thermally smart clothing. The Trancers too had finally run out of manic energy, and were dispersing, looking blissed-out. I'll complete Pribhara's season. Then if you absolutely hate it, I'll quit. I'll reserve the right. If they want me bad enough, they'll negotiate. It's perfectly Page 18 reasonable—considering they're wrecking my whole schedule on no notice at all.

Reward Yourself

By rights they ought to be paying me a whopping bonus. Two more months wouldn't be long enough to change you into a spacer. And it's long enough for me to form an opinion. But it brought the situation a little closer to tolerable. It would buy some time. Or at least for bed. Slowly and carefully she got up from her rocking chair, then used it to steady herself while she removed the denim shorts which were her only clothing.

She walked with halting steps through the darkness to her bed, but when she reached it, she dropped easily and comfortably into a squat beside it. Reaching beneath it, she drew out her chamber pot and removed the lid. When she maneuvered it beneath her, its weight and a small sloshing sound reminded her that she had forgotten to empty it that morning. As she was about to put it to its accustomed use, she suddenly stopped, clamping her sphincter and flaring her nostrils. Her head turned from side to side, twice. Then she looked down between her legs, bent her head lower and sniffed.

She took the chamber pot from beneath her and brought it to her nose and sniffed again. She knew, then, but nonetheless she reached up and got matches from the bed table. In the sudden flaring light, her eyes confirmed what her nose had told her. Her chamber pot contained wine. Page 19 It delighted her.

It had been a long time since anything had surprised her. This was a good one. She thought about it, savoring the puzzle. No one had approached her home closer than a hundred yards all day. She had not left it for a moment. She had not emptied the utensil after using it that morning, she was sure of that.

She might be old—no, ancient—but her memory was still sharp as the long edge of a war boomerang. There was no logical explanation. And at once, contradictory things happened on her face. Her eyes brightened, and bitter tears spurted from them, and years—no, decades—melted from her visage, and her mouth smiled while her brows knotted in a fierce frown. She glanced across the room at her CD player, and ran a hand across her head to confirm that she had taken its headphones off.

Whatever she heard caused her to smile even wider and weep even harder—but the frown relaxed. She sat back on her heels and began to rock slowly from side to side. After a time, she lifted the chamber pot to her lips and drank from it. The wine was excellent, delicious and immediately powerful. She took a deeper draught. Her tears ceased; the smile remained, and became the mischievous grin of a little girl.

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  7. Magic, real Dreamtime magic, was loose in the world again. Page 20 "Thanks, Diaghilev," he said then. Jay spoke before the AI finished producing an image, to let Rand know the circuit was completed. She was smiling wryly. Well, how did you take it? The joke cued him—first, that Rand would indeed be coming back up to work in the Barn. Was Rhea coming up with him right away? Was Colly? Rand would arrive still married. Space was made for kids.

    The limits and challenges of deep learning

    He relaxed, trying not to let the extent of his relief show. The worst that could happen now was that his half-brother's wife would make Rand's life miserable to the end of his days. But he'll be able to work with me again! It would take a lot of the sting out of Ethan not being around anymore. He swiveled the phone again so that he was back in frame. Fortunately, in zero gravity one's face does not pale as blood pressure drops. If Rhea left in two months, Rand would go with her. With the example of Jay's own disaster with Ethan before him, Rand would not risk losing her in a long-distance marriage.

    Kate was going to have a blowout when she heard this. They want this settled. Face, you know. If the Board doesn't like it, they can start running want ads in the trades. The primary reason the Board had abandoned the audition process and chosen Rand as their shaper was that Jay—feeling reckless in the aftermath of his breakup with Ethan—had privately sent word through the hotel manager that he would quit if they did otherwise. He had just enough clout to pull that off. He was the most famous living human choreographer of free-fall dance—but if he left the Shimizu, where could he go?

    There were only two other dance companies in space, and neither was hiring. Jay had been a spacer, permanently adapted to zero gravity, for over a decade now: if he could not work in space, he could not work—even if he could have learned to think and choreograph in up-and-down terms all over again.