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He teaches in the core studio sequence and offers courses in other areas, including building assemblies.

Critical Perspectives from Latin America

HYA is a multidisciplinary practice working between architecture, art and media. Their projects include architecture, interactive environments, interiors, installations, furniture, concept clothing and artist books. Seng served as editor of an extended interview of I. LA DALLMAN has also been awarded numerous professional honors, including architecture and engineering awards, as well as prizes in international design competitions.

The Shed and the art of the flex

Martin Jr. He has degrees from the University of Illinois and Columbia University.

Prior to teaching he was an associate with Foster and Partners, London. In he was awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture by a jury headed by I. Returning from Rome in , he worked at I.

Ellis Island - Wikipedia

Since then, he has directed the design of over five million square meters of building and large-scale urban development projects in the United States, Mexico, China, Indonesia, and Singapore. Leslie Robertson is an internationally acclaimed structural engineer, who has transformed urban and rural landscapes through innovative designs for over sixty years.

Turner Prize. His research examines architecture's role in mediating moments of transnational exchange between China and other parts of the world. Brett Schneider was educated as both an Architect and an Engineer as a graduate student at Princeton University completing a Masters in Engineering in He is currently designing an extension to the Albright Knox Art Gallery and a new campus for Facebook.

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Greenfill Lower Manhattan is an ideal place for walkers, and this plan proposes a substantial reclamation of street space for pedestrian and "slo-mo" circulation. Ground Zero becomes a point of dissemination for this new network, which is meant as a model for the recovery of the public realm from the car.

How to rebuild and remember after 9/11

Hydrologic Fill The dead zone created by the squared-off configuration of the north end of the Battery Park City landfill is redressed by additional fill which smoothes, aerates, and cleanses the flow of the Hudson. The fill also provides additional recreational space in an area of New York poorly provisioned with it. New Buildings Although this scheme is predicated on disaggregation, the construction of replacement office space on sites scattered around the city, there are nonetheless a number of building opportunities throughout Lower Manhattan, a number of which are indicated.

In addition to sites on terro firmo, the East Side of the island also provides many opportunities for pier-based construction and the revival of an active commercial waterfront.

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This plan suggests office space, housing, and marine activities either as low-rise or as skinny towers on new and reconstructed piers along the southern rim of the island. John's University, Stuyvesant High School, and several intermediate and elementary schools that form the core of a potential downtown campuss.

The suppression of West Street offers the opportunity to create a series of synergistic quads, linking this collection of schools into a continuous place and providing the community with additional green and athletic space. The Lawn Burying the Battery Tunnel approach and demolishing the large municipal parking structure creates an opportunity for a dramatic new civic space, extending from Rector Street to Battery Park and offering sites for development along its edges.