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We look forward to welcoming you to stimulating new insights and rich conversations! In the first part of the day, we're going to explore the transition we are currently in from degenerative, exclusive, materialistic soulless mono-capitalism to soulful, regenerative, inclusive, synergistic multi-capitalism. My last four books fill in the details of this picture to make a beautiful painting and a soulful melo dy so you can not only imagine the destination, but begin mapping your own journey. We are already on the path, on the way there, and now we can be be much more precise and specific about what we can each do on the journey.

This lively day will appeal to open-minded, curious thinkers and doers making a positive difference in the world, who are interested in sharing their experiences with others, and keen to find ways to feel more whole and better connected in their efforts. On the practical side, we need fresh perspectives, better models, useful practices plus tools and techniques, to better heal and transform ourselves and our planet. This event is designed to help you develop capacities and connections that enhance the mindshifts in each participant enabling them to develop new capabilities in their own personal and professional lives.

The key to healing and regeneration at all levels from the cellular to the global is the way in which old wounds and dysfunctional systems are transformed through the liberation of old patterns that have enabled the person, organization, culture or society to adapt and continue despite the weight of history and life experience. We are literally matter and energy self-organizing through information encoded at every level of our being and social structures, which is why we must learn to dissolve and let go of what is not working as gracefully as possible, in order to create space for the new to emerge and embed itself in a healthier pattern of functioning.

Learning to heal ourselves and heal our planet is consequently both a challenging and liberating experience, activating our capacity to experience joy, creativity, lightness and powerful insights into how our lives can be transformed in purposeful, meaningful and productive ways.

These events are designed to generate the conditions in which such transformations can be seeded in fertile soil. Over the past three decades Dr Robin Lincoln Wood has been a catalyst of personal, business and social innovation and transformation. He has engaged in hundreds of personal development, transformation and social innovation projects around the world and has written eight books about his experiences.

He invites you to join him in his current enquiry into how we can remain sane, pragmatically optimistic and become more effective in engaging positively with our current ecological, social, economic and psychological challenges. During these webinars, extracts from his eight books will be featured, and some of the diagnostics and worksheets applied to demonstrate what is possible in triggering healing and transformation.

This series of events on Healing Ourselves, Healing our Planet, is designed to bring together a variety of different perspectives to ensure a holistic conversation that leads to fresh insights and fruitful relationships and projects. We will deepen our mutual enquiries into a wide variety of inter-related topics that are rarely explored systemically, including:.

No matter where you are on your own journey, applying the thinking and frameworks in this book to improve your own practices and skills will help you become more focused and powerful in your efforts. Your fellow travelers are already out there, waiting for you to connect up with them, and make the momentous leap together". This good energy is helping each of us connect up with others who are making a difference and making a living by making a difference. It also helps us clarify our priorities: what kind of a legacy I am leaving in this world? What will they write on my tombstone as my epitaph?

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From where I sit, it is very clear that the younger generations now moving into positions of leadership want to live a life of authenticity, and of meaning — and this is becoming far more important to all of us than the things we may aspire to own. This poses a challenge and an opportunity for brands who wish to stay relevant in the future.

We are in a time when the 'fourth wave' is breaking through, a time of considerable change and uncertainty, and this is an excellent handbook for designing a positive and hopeful way through that wave.

Twin Planet - A Novel for a Global World Movement

This is central to delivering a sustainable, positive and regenerative role in the economy. It is also fundamental to capitalism's social license to operate. The ThriveAbility operating system is a serious first step toward that. In the future, the valuation of a company must accord parity to all forms of capital. The ThriveAbility Index, which embraces integrated decision-making and innovation, is a potentially major contribution toward closing the gap between contemporary practices and societal expectations.

ThriveAbility is the opposite of denial; it is positive engagement with challenges and proactive creation of solutions. Ken Wilber- Founder: Integral Institute and pioneering integral philosopher. Barbara Marx Hubbard — Pioneer futurist and acknowledged founder of the global transformation movement. Robin Wood shows brilliantly… where the sweet spots are that allow us to change the fate of humanity. With a clarity that makes it easy to comprehend his arguments he shows that you have to engage on every level, be it personal, local or global. Using the integral framework, he shows how being and becoming in the 21st century can lead to a conscious evolution of our world, how we can put in place the solutions that are out there and how we can turn the wheel towards a thriving future instead of certain extinction we are facing due to the challenges in our century.

Robin Wood's strong grasp of the science is evident throughout these pages, no less than his skill in applying it to the real world of strategy, creativity and leadership. Instead of the grand principles of the scientists, or the jargon of the complexologists, Wood tells us how to use specific tools and techniques, as well as develop complexity thinking- as he says, complexity is at the same time a method, a mindset and a movement.


There is plenty of meat here for everyone. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Suite , Encinitas, California , United States. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

The Earth is Not Alone - Space Documentary HD

Apr Sales Ended. Event description. He is especially concerned with the impact of digital technologies on human well-being and flourishing. He strives to bring the benefits of multiple inquiry-based learning IBL to mathematics and science education and is currently co-authoring a university level textbook for secondary school teachers. For an updated version of the exercise with even more relevance to the climate change movement, see this piece in National Geographic.

Through teaching psychology, Dr. It is through psychology that Selterman works to empower students to take collective action toward solving global challenges. Dan Shornstein has been a camp director, school administrator and teacher for close to 40 years, mostly in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

He is also the Sustainability Director for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Executive Director of the National Public Education Support Fund , a national hub for convening and connecting influential leaders in education philanthropy, advocacy, research, policy, and practice.

She helped launch and develop the Education Funder Strategy Group, a learning community of leading foundations focused on systemically improving public education for all students as the foundation for a healthy democracy and vibrant communities. Spent 25 years as a science teacher in grades K—12 and nine years as a school superintendent. She teaches college biology and technology and develops online curricula for students and teachers. She has an MA in biology and Ph. Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and widely regarded as one of the greatest living psychologists.


His social cognitive psychology research is world-famous, especially his seminal social learning theory, the concept of self-efficacy. Those of high self-efficacy view impediments as surmountable through perseverance. For over three decades at NWF, she has developed innovative approaches to reform the environmental and social policies of financial institutions such as the World Bank; reduce the negative environmental impacts of international trade agreements; establish voluntary certification systems to promote sustainable forest and agriculture products; and increase U.

She is the former board chair of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, which certifies biomass, biofuels, and bioplastics that meet global social and environmental standards. As a policy analyst for National Wildlife Federation, Max addresses the carbon accounting and wildlife aspects of biomass production, focusing on state level biopower development and EU policy.

When not involved in his environmental work, Max is also an environmental and social justice advocate. Award-winning educator, Juanita Chan has been serving the community of Rialto, California for over 15 years. She is passionate about inspiring curiosity and excitement for the world right outside the classroom door and has worked vigorously to energize a steadfast group of science educators that infuse environmental education into all levels of K—12 curriculum.

As an advocate that all students get the chance to love their community bionetwork her work utilizes environmental literacy to develop more civically engaged communities. Dianne Dillon-Ridgeley was a member of the Oxford U.

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A US-trained lawyer, she has over 3 decades of experience in the NGO community, in the fields of marine and water law and policy. For nearly 40 years, he hosted politicians, celebrities, and individuals at his Amazon research camp. He has been honored with numerous awards. He has advised the Reagan, George H. Recognized national leader in public land conservation and wilderness preservation, Former president of the Wilderness Society and currently serves as Counselor, a senior program position for the Wilderness Society.

He has been active in conservation for over 40 years. Founder and Director of Amazon Conservation Team. Bill Reed is an internationally-recognized authority in sustainability and regenerative planning, design and implementation. Through the institutions that he co-founded, Regenesis and Integrative Design, Inc. His projects consider social, ecological, financial and human values. He is often a keynote speaker and lecturer at major building and design events at universities throughout Europe and North America including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania.

Prahalad Award.

Twin spacecraft to track Earth’s water cycle successfully launched | world news | Hindustan Times

Gus Speth was faculty at Vermont Law School from to In he took part in the first on-site inspection by US officials of one of seven declared Russian chemical weapons stockpiles. Jerome Foster II is a relentless and dedicated climate change activist who founded an international youth led news organization called The Climate Reporter, which is focused at the intersection of climate change, frontline community advocacy, race, age, and journalism. Elsa Mengistu is a 17 year old high school student from North Carolina.

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She is an avid organizer and activist.